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  • Pre-Paid vs. Post-Paid Plans

    Over the last decade, smartphones have gone from a luxury item to everyday devices in millions of pockets around the world. Along with this, data plans that at one time seemed too expensive for the average person, have become standard…..

  • The Eternal Debate: Android vs. iPhone. Which is Better for You?

    Ever since smartphones were first introduced, the debate of which operating system to choose has raged, sparking online arguments, each side diligently defending their OS of choice until the very end. In this post, let’s go over the key benefits…..

  • Phone Review: 2017 LG Smartphones

    In recent years, LG has stepped up their smartphone game and have brought fantastic, high-powered devices to the market. This year they’ve continued the rise as one of the top phone manufacturers with their V30 and G6 smartphones. Let’s take…..

  • Phone Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    After last year’s debacle with the Note 7, Samsung had to bounce back and bring a super-powered phone to the market. The Galaxy Note 8 is just that, a super-powered smartphone with tons of unique features that are familiar to…..

  • Phone Review: iPhone X

    It’s finally fall, which every year brings beautiful leaves, crisp weather, and a new iPhone! This year, Apple launched three new iPhone models, the 8, 8 Plus, and the highly coveted iPhone X. There is so much to talk about…..